• For distance, computer or near vision

  • Anti-Reflection & Hard Coated as standard

  • Can be clear, tinted or change colour when outside/in the car

  • Bespoke 'Freeform' digital progressive lenses

  • Super Hydrophobic Anti-Reflection, Hard & Blue Light Blocking Coatings as standard

  • Most suitable for an experienced progressive lens wearer who wants the latest technology

  • High quality 'Freeform' digital progressive lenses

  • Super Hydrophobic Anti-Reflection & Hard Coatings as standard

  • Most suitable for experienced progressive lens wearers who require high-quality intermediate and near vision

  • High quality, entry level 'Freeform' digital progressive lenses

  • Anti-Reflection & Hard Coatings as standard

  • Most suitable for first time progressive lens wearers who require easy adaptation and high visual comfort

  • For distance and reading

  • Anti-Reflection & Hard Coatings as standard

  • Most suitable for existing bifocal lens wearers or occupational reasons


Hong Kong's Concierge Optician

Everyone hates wasting time travelling to appointments or standing in a queue waiting to be served. At Spexalicious, we have come up with the perfect solution - our Concierge Optical Service. Whether you have sat on your glasses at home or the lens has fallen out of your frame just before you are about to go into an important meeting, we can help!


Not only can we undertake minor repairs at your desk or in your living room, if you have a current prescription, we can also dispense new lenses into either brand new or old and loved frames - meaning you do not have to waste time worrying about your eyewear. 


We understand how important it is to feel confident and worry free when it comes to the Optician you choose. That’s why we invest the time and energy necessary to ensure that our service, lenses and coatings are top quality and to cater to any unique requests or special concerns you may have.

Please make an appointment for a consultation with Hong Kong's Concierge Optician here!

Don't Replace - Recycle!

We all have things that we want to keep forever. A comfy jumper full of holes? A well worn purse that contains your life? Yep, we've all got something precious. How about something that we wear all day, every day and is with us through thick and thin. Sunglasses from so many memorable holidays? Check. Lucky frames that landed you your dream job? Definitely. Luckily, Spexalicious can keep these dreams alive, whilst at the same time saving valuable resources used during the manufacture of new frames and at an affordable price, too!

Don't worry if you do not have any frames you want to keep - we also carry a large selection of male, female and unisex frames which you are sure to like. If you have fallen in love with frames you have seen elsewhere, we can glaze lenses into the majority of new frames at prices that are much more competitive than you will find elsewhere.


Please make an appointment for a consultation with Hong Kong's Concierge Optician here!


Hong Kong's Concierge Optician

Spexalicious was started by a U.K. trained and U.S. Board Certified Optician, who has been working in optics for over sixteen years.

Having become frustrated with high prices, poor dispensing and a considerable lack of knowledge and professionalism on behalf of some of the local optical retailers, we decided to start our own optical dispensing business - Spexalicious - focusing, at first, on reglazing loved and cherished frames at U.K. Internet prices, before expanding into a full service Concierge Optical business at the start of 2020.This is not only better for the environment, but better for your bank balance as well!

Reasonable prices do not, however, equate to poor value and we have ensured that all lenses come with a top quality Anti-Reflection and Hard Coating, with the majority also including a Hydrophobic Super Clean Coating and UV420 protection at no extra charge. We hope that you will search your handbags, drawers and cupboards to root out some old favourites in need of a new set of lenses and a little TLC! 

We would always like to hear from you with your pictures and stories of cherished frames that we have given a new lease of life to, as well as any comments, suggestions or just to say hello! Please also remember that we are only an email away if you need any help to complete your purchase - contact@spexalicious.com  - or fill in the contact form below.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and we hope that you will ‘see the difference’ with your first order from us! 

The Spexalicious Team!


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